"For most successful Businesses, availing of the benefits of advances in technology is critical to their success. On-going IT projects are part of this process.

Our Projects team work closely at all times with our customers to ensure they can plan and implement complex projects , often at short notice , on time and within budget"

Retail and Digital Project services

Highly experienced Project Team delivering a wide range of Projects each Year to Retailers and other Customers across Ireland and the UK.

  • Networking – Copper/Fibre/Wireless

  • Network Installations & Internal Telecoms

  • Project Planning and Consultancy.

  • Project Management Services.

  • Stock Management.

  • Pre Delivery Staging/Burn-In.

  • Pre Install Site Surveys.

  • Installation Services.

  • Post Install Support.

Complex Planning – Professional Delivery

The in-depth experience and retail knowledge of the SCT Project Team became apparent quickly as we sat down to plan our complex and aggressive IT Upgrade. Working closely with both our IT and Finance team, their input was invaluable in preparing a project plan that was realistic and achievable within our time frame and budget. Our major software and hardware upgrade of over 1000 POS and Back Offices completed outside of Trading hours over 12 weeks.


Choose an Agile Project Partner

Over the past 10 Years, we have tested the SCT Project team in every way possible - Project rescheduling at short notice, sales department project requests often with lead times of weeks rather than months, unforeseen software or facility issues changing all the carefully pre planned and agreed parameters etc. They have never let us down.


Customer Stories

Estate POS Refresh

  • Detailed Planning and Scheduling.
  • Pilot Installations for timing and costing.
  • 6 Teams per night over 3 Months.
  • At Base Project Co-Ordinator each night.
  • Over 10,000 parts movements through Project.

5000 Site visits over 8 weeks

  • Detailed Planning and Scheduling.
  • Project Team of 20 Engineers.
  • Over 30,000 Parts Tracked.
  • Centralised stock database for customer access.
  • On time and within budget.

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